Those who know Vienna, know us: Our dental practice with heart, reason and joy for people!

Dear patients, dear Viennese,

My team and I welcome you to the heart of our beautiful city. You find us in the first district, Werdertorgasse 15, 1010 Vienna. We call it the “inner city”.

Imagefilm von Dr. Andreas Quidenus, Zahnarzt Wien

We treat all our patients with respect, joy and motivation every day. Here, quality is not a seal on a certificate, but our engine: We have the most modern technology, and our entire team is always receiving the most up-to-date training“– for your successful treatment and patient satisfaction!

What we are concerned about: In all our daily duties, YOU and your family are the centre of our attention – not only as patients of a dental practice but as human beings! The impacts of a healthy mouth on the whole body, on quality of life and on productivity are enormous. Therefore, it is our aim to think outside the box and focus on our patients’ overall health.

“We look forward to meeting you!”

Dr. Andreas Quidenus, oral surgeon and dentist

Our range of performance

Healthy human beings

Teeth are a matter of heart – in the truest sense of the word! Healthy teeth and a healthy teeth ridge also protect your heart and are decisive for health, fitness and productivity. The former soccer professional Dr. Andreas Quidenus as dentist knows exactly how mouth health influences our body. (More information on this article is available in german)

"Gesunder Mensch" (full article in german)
Zahnarzt Dr. Andreas Quidenus in Wien zeigt älterem Patienten die Ergebnisse einer erfolgreichen Behandlung mit Zahnimplantaten auf einer Fotokamera


Let’s be honest: We all want beautiful and complete teeth. Healthy and aesthetical teeth are the aim of our daily work and the passion of our dental practice. If teeth are missing, we can help! Modern implantology offers many possibilities to replace teeth. So we increase our patients’ quality of life and reduce health risks.  (More information on this article is available in German)

"Implantologie" (full article in german)


We are there for you when teeth, teethridge or jawbones become diseased! Each situation is different, so traditional measures of a dental practice might not be sufficient in order to achieve a successful treatment. Dr. Andreas Quidenus has many years of surgical experience, having completed master studies for oral surgery.

"Chirurgie" (full article in german)
Zahnärztliche Assistentin erklärt älterem Patienten das Vorgehen der digitalen Volumentomographie in der Zahnarztpraxis in Wien

DVT (digital volume tomography)

When it is about health, we should not hope and believe – but should KNOW! The more we know about you and your dental situation, the more we are able to treat you, using determined, safe and gentle procedures. This means that before we consider a certain therapy, we aim to get an idea, but not just “any idea”. Our dental practice’s “ideas” are digital and three-dimensional, thanks to the most modern generation of x-ray technology. (More information on this article is available in German)

"DVT" (full article in german)


Looking good is not sufficient! However, simply functioning well is also not ideal. Aesthetically beautiful teeth are also always healthy teeth that must fulfil their corresponding functions. In our Vienna dental practice, we have one aim: We manufacture replacements for damaged and lost teeth in line with nature’s models. (More information on this article is available in German)

"Ästhetik" (full article in german)

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